The New Zealand Society for Parasitology (Inc.) [NZSP] was formed on 21 August 1972 with the inaugural meeting held at Victoria University in Wellington. The meeting was attended by 26 people with four (4) papers presented by Mrs F.R. Allison, Dr G.C. Hewitt, Dr P.M. Hine and DR R.V. Brunsdon. DR Brunsdon went on to become the first President of the Society and held this office until 1976. Prior to the meeting 44 people had been circulated and these people were known as the Foundation Members (see list below). The membership fee in that first year was set at $2.00 and $1.00 for full-time students. The Society continued to grow holding an annual meeting each year. The Society became an affiliated member of the Royal Society of New Zealand in December 1973 and a member of the World Federation of Parasitologists in 1974. On 24 October 1975 the NZSP became an incorporated society.


The Society Seal consists of a triquetra, representing the three points of parasitism (the host, the parasite, the environment) and the Southern Cross. The seal was the original idea of DR Wally Clark and was designed by xxxx? with a shield being carved in Kauri by John Trimmer of Coromandel.


Annual general meetings and conferences are generally held in the August to October period, the abstracts from the latter usually being published in the New Zealand Journal of Zoology. Every four years or so the NZSP combines with its Australian counterpart for a joint conference. The first joint meeting with The Australian Society for Parasitology was held in February 1974 on “Arahura”, the research farm for Merck Sharp & Dohme (New Zealand Ltd). This attracted participants from South Africa, the USA, Switzerland as well as Australia and New Zealand. Since then a further five (5) joint meetings have been held alternating the venues between New Zealand and Australia (see NZSP Conference Venues, Proceedings and Publication of Abstracts).


Members are kept informed of Society activities by newsletters which are prepared every 3-4 months.

Foundation Members


Mr CM Allan
Mrs FR Allison *
Dr JRH Andrews
Mr M Berwyn-Jones*
Dr RV Brunsdon*
Mr GC Cairns*
Mrs E Campbell
Dr BR Cook
Mr TF Cook
Mr DC Elliott *
Mr R Ensor
Dr DW Featherston #
Mrs NM Grimmond
Prof RA Harrison*
Mr C Hatton
Dr ACG Heath #
Dr GC Hewitt
Dr PM Hine
Mr JH Holmden
Mr FL Horton
Dr CP Hoyt
Mr PR Kettle
Mr PB McKenna #
Mr LM McLeay #
Mr MJ McMullan
Miss KS McRae
Miss C Mansfield
Dr PC Mason #
Prof RLC Pilgrim *
Dr GW Ramsay
Mr GG Riffkin
Mrs SR Rind*
Mr DM Rutherford *
Mr RE Slaughter
Mr CF Smith
Mr DEM Taylor
Mr JD Tenquist*
Mr GA Thomson
Mr H Twaalfhoven *
Mr A Vlassoff #
Mr GV Wallace
Dr JC Watt*
Dr LK Whitten *
Dr WM Wouts #


* deceased      # current member

Honorary Members



Dr LK Whitten
Dr RV Brunsdon
Dr WC Clark
Mr DM Rutherford
Mrs D Bishop
Dr ACG Heath
Dr DD Heath
Mr A Vlassoff
Assoc. Prof. WAG Charleston
Dr GW Yeates

Year Elected

1980 (deceased 8 September 2018)
1988 (deceased 22 October 1994)
1989 (deceased 21 November 2019)
2012 (deceased 06 August 2012)

Office Holders


 Year  Location  President  Vice-President  Secretary
 1972  Wellington  RV Brunsdon  DM Rutherford  PM Hine
 1973  Wellington  RV Brunsdon  DM Rutherford  PM Hine
 1974  Christchurch  RV Brunsdon  DM Rutherford  PM Hine
 1975  Palmerston North  RV Brunsdon  DM Rutherford  GH Collins
 1976  Wellington  WC Clark  DM Rutherford  RV Brunsdon
 1977  Christchurch  WC Clark  JD Tenquist  WM Wouts
 1978  Auckland  DD Heath  WM Wouts  WAG  Charleston
 1979  Upper Hutt  DD Heath  WM Wouts  WAG Charleston
 1980  Dunedin  WAG Charleston  DM Bishop  PC Mason
 1981  Upper Hutt  WAG Charleston  DM Bishop  PC Mason
 1982  Dunedin  DW Featherston  DM Bishop  K Kemp
 1983  Upper Hutt  DW  Featherston  DM Bishop  RM Roberts
 1984*  Christchurch  ACG Heath  DM Bishop  PJ Weekes
 1985  Hamilton  ACG Heath  DM Bishop  PJ Weekes
 1986  Lower Hutt  D Blair  DM Bishop  JC McKenzie
 1987  Auckland  KR Collins  DM Bishop  JC McKenzie
 1988  Bulls  KR Collins  DM Bishop  JC McKenzie
 1989*  Upper Hutt  GW Yeates  DM Bishop  JC McKenzie
 1990  Upper Hutt  GW Yeates  DM Bishop  BC Hosking  JC McKenzie
 1991  Tauranga  DM Bishop  DJW Cole  BC Hosking  MD Bown
 1992*  Auckland  DM Bishop  DJW Cole  BC Hosking  MD Bown
 1993  Dunedin  DJW Cole  PC Mason  BC Hosking  SB Lawrence
 1994  Upper Hutt  DJW Cole  PC Mason  BC Hosking  J Donaldson
 1995*  Upper Hutt  PC Mason  JRH Andrews  BC Hosking  J Donaldson
 1996#  Taupo  PC Mason  JRH Andrews  BC Hosking  J Donaldson
 1997  Palmerston North  JRH Andrews  DA Wharton  BC Hosking  J Donaldson
 1998  Lincoln  JRH Andrews  DA Wharton  J Niezen  R McAnulty
 1999  Palmerston North  DA Wharton  A Vlassoff  J Niezen  R McAnulty
 2000*  Wellington  DA Wharton  A Vlassoff  PC Mason  R McAnulty
 2001  Teleconference  A Vlassoff  WE Pomroy  PC Mason  R McAnulty
 2002  Palmerston North  A Vlassoff  WE Pomroy  PC Mason  R McAnulty
 2003  Upper Hutt  WE Pomroy  R McAnulty  PC Mason  A Vlassoff
 2004  Palmerston North  WE Pomroy  R McAnulty  PC Mason  I Scott
 2005**  Christchurch  R McAnulty  I Scott  PC Mason  WE Pomroy
 2006  Palmerston North  R McAnulty  I Scott  PC Mason  I Sutherland
 2007  Napier  R McAnulty  I Sutherland  I Scott  TS Waghorn
 2008  Palmerston North  I Sutherland  C McKay  I Scott  TS Waghorn
 2009  Wanaka  I Sutherland  C McKay  TS Waghorn  I Scott
 2010  Palmerston North  C McKay  I Scott  TS Waghorn  D Reynecke
 2011  Palmerston North  C McKay  I Scott  C Costall  D Reynecke
 2012  Blenheim  I Scott  V Chapman  C Costall  DD Heath
 2013  Palmerston North  I Scott  V Chapman  R Bland  DD Heath
 2014  Wellington  V Chapman  C Christie  S Umair  TS Waghorn
 2015  Auckland*  V Chapman  C Christie  S Umair  TS Waghorn
 2016  Queenstown  V Chapman  C Christie  S Umair TS Waghorn


* Joint conferences were held in these years with the Australian Society for Parasitology.
In 1989, the conference was in Townsville, Australia; 1995 Adelaide Australia


# 25th Jubilee Conference


** in 2005 the Annual General Meeting was held during the 20th International Conference of the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology, Christchurch